Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Let the Bastards Scare You

One of the lines that I found particularly memorable in Dan Rather’s speech earlier this week was to “not let the ‘bastards’ scare you”. He was referring to the government and heads of news agencies that exerted pressure on him and other reporters to censor what they said or to skew the story in a certain manner. Rather acknowledged that a reporter (and people in virtually any line of work) can meet bastards “anywhere and at any time, but that ‘they’ should not discourage ‘us’”. I found this to be particularly moving. His use of ‘they’ and ‘us’ drew us together as a collective with him, which was a powerful tool in his speech. His acknowledgement that we will all face ‘bastards’ who tell us we can’t do something or shouldn’t. We are not alone in the fight, it is something that people all over the country are facing (and in our nation’s history have faced) against those who want to benefit from the system in unfair ways—whether that be from discrimination, censorship, or merely preventing us from pursuing our passions for their own monetary gains or personal satisfaction. I found this to be incredibly inspirational, and it was something that I will definitely take with me for comfort that I am not alone when I face adversity in my own life.

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  1. Kate, It is good advise and you are wise to take it to heart. As I read your report here, however, I also thought that a secondary message of Rather's remarks might be a warning to be on the alert against becoming the bastards. LDL